The creators of The Graph have launched a core network. The token appeared on Binance, Coinbase and OKEx

The Graph team announced the launch of a decentralized data indexing protocol on the Ethereum core network. Three major exchanges announced the listing of the GRT crypto project’s native token.

The solution will organize the information in a blockchain and increase the availability of the application through public APIs (subgraphs). Indexing tools find and retrieve information from the Bitcoin Legacy network, similar to centralized databases. The project team compares its development to the Internet without Google.

Community members can create subgraphs and earn money by referencing them. Commissions and rewards are paid in GRT tokens.

The listing of the coin was announced by the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. The asset is available to traders on the Coinbase Pro platform.

The OKEx trading platform added support for the token. The Binance exchange also announced the listing of GRT.

Earlier, the DeFi-project Compound introduced a new Compound Chain protocol capable of moving value and liquidity between different blockchains.