Experience Web3 with MetaOne® 2.0! New Features, 4 Blockchains Supported

• AAG has released MetaOne® 2.0, a feature-packed version of their wallet that includes innovative new features and four additional blockchain supports.
• Enterprise features are also included, such as MetaOne® Connect and MetaOne® ZK.
• In the coming weeks, more features will be released to enhance the usability of the wallet, including an address book, Wallet Connect integration, asset swap capabilities, and fiat off-ramp.

MetaOne® 2.0 Released

Web3 infrastructure company AAG has launched the second version of their MetaOne® wallet with a collection of innovative new features for users and enterprises alike. Four additional blockchains have been added to the original schedule for support.

Enterprise Features

The enterprise feature launch includes MetaOne® Connect which enables AAG partners to customize onboarding experiences for their community into Web3. Additionally, MetaOne® ZK provides zero-knowledge proof verification of identity and asset ownership without compromising user privacy.

Coming Soon

AAG is committed to providing an even smoother Web3 experience in the coming weeks with added features such as an address book, Wallet Connect 2.x integration, cross-chain asset swaps and fiat off-ramps where users can sell crypto for fiat currency directly deposited into a bank account.

About AAG

AAG is a web3 infrastructure company dedicated to making interactions with blockchain applications easier for both mainstream users and traditional companies alike through its secure and easy-to-use wallets as well as other software solutions like Saakuru Blockchain and cross-chain search engines. They believe education is key to unlocking web3 potential which is why they’ve created resources such as „Getting Started“ videos on how to set up your MetaOne account .

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