Ethiopia’s Gibe 3 Dam: Sowing Hunger and Conflict
Flawed project preparation has exacerbated the economic and technical risks of the Gibe 3 Dam economic and technical risks. In its rush construct the dam, the Ethiopian government neglected to properly assess virtually every aspect of the project, violating domestic laws and international standards. Evidence is mounting that the dam could be a development disaster for Ethiopia and the region.
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Facing Gibe 3 Dam: Indigenous Communities
of Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley

A detailed and informative gap filling study about the indigenous communities of Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley, how they rely on the Omo River and the risks, and the risks posed by the Gibe 3 Dam.
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A Commentary on the Environmental, Socioeconomic
and Human Rights Impacts of the Proposed Gibe III Dam
in the Lower Omo River Basin of Ethiopia

An independent study in response to the official Environmental and Social
Impacts Assessment, highlighting how “the quantitative and qualitative data
included in all major sections of the study were clearly selected for their
consistence with the predetermined objective of validating the completion
of the Gibe 3 hydro-dam”.
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The Gilgel Gibe Affair: how states and corporations do business using international public money
How goals to eradicate poverty and support local communities can be easily
compromised when major corporations and/or political elites are intent on
maximising profits.
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Complaint letter to the African Development Bank
The complaint letter submitted by a group of civil society organizations to the African Development Bank against the construction of Gibe 3 Dam.
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"The rise and fall of the Omo waters is the heartbeat of the Lower Omo Valley. More than any other single factor, the river determines everyday economic practice throughout the region"

December 20,2014
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